Is Video right for you?

A promotional video for your small business is just one string in a business’s marketing bow. It needs to sit alongside a web site, brochures, business cards, a social media presence and signage.

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If you only had a promotional video and none of the other marketing tools, your business is unlikely to grow or connect with potential clients. Marketing is the sum of all that you do to promote your business.

Video needs to sit alongside your other marketing

Not all small businesses have an obvious visual product to promote, using video. I often joke with my accountant, that making a promotional video featuring him and his staff adding up figures would be pretty boring.

But if you run a gym, there are lots of visual or action shots that immediately come to mind. If you sell a new car wash product or are an interior designer, a ‘show and tell’ video can work really well.


We all use testimonials in our marketing. A happy client who is prepared to tell others about our services or product is a great way of reaching other similar clients. I tell my clients is to make sure the people in their videos are similar to the clients they want to attract. In a video for a pre-school, the on-camera presenter was the same age and had the same look as the mums my client was hoping to reach.

Testimonials can be in print on your web site or in a brochure, but a person speaking directly to camera about how your service helped them is well worth considering. (So there is a video style that my accountant could use.)

Testimonials are a good video subject

Don’t forget the ‘first person’ testimonial from you, the owner. A short clip of you talking about your products or services always helps people to get to know you and be comfortable with engaging you.

Growth of Video

Ten or so years ago, not many small businesses had web sites or Facebook pages. Now both these on-line communication channels are almost mandatory if you want to be taken seriously. Having these on-line tools doesn’t mean you’ll get business, but without them, potential clients may not even know you exist. (Who uses the printed phone book any more to find a product or service?)


Surveys suggest that on-line video is becoming as essential as web sites and Facebook have become. Just think of the increase in videos shared on your friends Facebook pages, compared to a few years ago. Even if they’re just cute kittens or something the kids did.

But rather than shooting a video just because it’s the latest trend, make sure you have thought through the content and your messaging. Video professionals do this all the time so they’re a great sounding board and resource.

Can you shoot it yourself?

Look back at your first attempt at building a web site, or the rough drawings of your logo or brochure. A poorly designed and laid out web site or corny logo doesn’t cut it anymore. We work with professional web and graphic designers.

Sure you can shoot your own video, but for the same reasons that you had your web site, logo and brochures designed by a professional, you need a professional to shoot your videos.

Poorly produced video does more harm to your brand and business than no video at all.

But what about You Tube?

The growth of video through You Tube and Facebook is staggering. Imagine –  100 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute!

Web users are watching more and more video – it’s how we communicate.

So does that mean that without a web video your marketing is not as effective?  No, of course not – but you need to add video to the list of potential marketing tools worth considering.

If you’d like to talk about how you might use video in your business, get in touch for a no obligation chat over a cup of coffee – our shout!